Sodium Carbonate

Sodium Carbonate

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We are a quality focused firm, engaged in the marketplace as a trader, importer and distributor of Sodium Carbonate. Also known as soda ash, this sodium salt of carbonic acid has high water solubility, thus forming basic alkaline solution. It is popularly used in glass manufacturing process as a flux for silica in order to lower down its melting point to some extent. The sodium carbonate is commercially produced through the solvay process from sodium chloride and limestone. Furthermore, this carbonated sodium salt compound is also water softener that neutralizes the effects of harmful minerals in the water. 

Technical Specification:

  • Iron(As Fe, On Dry Base)%: 0.0035max
  • Insoluble Matter In Water%: 0.03max
  • Loss On Ignition%: 0.8max
  • Sulphate(As So4=On Dry Base)%: 0.03max