Hydrogen Peroxide 50%

Hydrogen Peroxide 50%

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In this domain, we are recognized as a one the most profound importers, suppliers and distributors of a wide assortment of qualitative Hydrogen Peroxide 50%. It is a colorless liquid that is prepared or procured through the hydrolysis of ammonium peroxydisulfate. Due to its high oxidization property, the hydrogen peroxide 50% used in the formulation of bleach, disinfectant & also cosmetics & pharmaceutical products. Furthermore, it is also used in water treatment to boost the oxygen level and also to neutralize the mineral level in the water.


  • Long lasting effect
  • Stable at room temperature
  • Correct pH value
  • VAPOR PRESSURE‎: ‎23.3 mmHg (30 °C) & CONCENTRATION‎: ‎50 wt. % in H2O & VAPOUR PRESSURE‎: ‎23.3 mmHg (30 °C) & PUBCHEM CID‎: ‎784 & FORMULA WEIGHT‎: ‎34 | GRADE‎: ‎Pure, & EMPIRICAL FORMULA (Hill Notation) H2O2 & INCHI KEY: MHAJPDPJQMAIIY-UHFFFAOYSA-N